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Trap Neuter And Return Project (TNR)

We did it! 
We reached our goal of 500 TNR'd kitties in Kings County for our first year of operation!! 

Total TNR for 2022:  149 cats and kittens
Total TNR for 2021:   565 cats and kittens
Grand total:  714
 Cats and Kittens!

Thank you for your support!  


Friends of Kings County Animal Services has started a TNR project to help reduce the population of feral cats in Kings County.   All trapped cats will be spayed/neutered, receive a rabies shot, and then be returned back to their area!  It’s a process!
It costs $60 to spay/neuter each cat. If we have funding we can help people help the cats.   Please donate so we can continue our work to bring down the colonies count and help these cats live a better life. 

WE NEED YOUR HELP... relies on donations from amazing animal lovers like you!   Please consider donating! 

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